Do you have Damage to your property?

In the event that a disaster should impact your business, it may result in your place of work becoming unusable. Losses can be from fire, smoke, water damage, the recent COVID-19 shutdowns, mechanical breakage of large machinery, hurricane, storm or wind damage, etc. Income will not be produced while fixed costs may continue to incur (e.g. rent, utilities, etc.)

During this period of business interruption, whatever income your business would have made cannot be used. Our forensic specialists analyze your historic financial records to determine this unusable income and work hard to speed up the process which gets you paid quickly.

Business interruption coverage also entails:

Public Adjuster Business Services

Review Your Policy Before Interruption

That is why it is so important to review your policy before a loss in order to know what you have signed up for. Unfortunately some commercial renters buy slip and fall policies which do not protect the interruption of business. Let us advise you to make sure you are able to get back to business as quickly as possible.