Get Immediate Help With Theft Damage

Regardless of any stolen or damaged property, a burglary or home invasion results in heartache and stressful feelings for homeowners and renters. Our public adjusters take every cautionary step to make you feel safe again while on the road to financial recovery.

It is more common than you think that a business owner or homeowner has to deal with vandalism and theft. If you have also been hit a criminal who has destroyed or damaged your property, call your insurance company or a public adjuster to review your insurance policy coverage, and then decide if you should file an insurance claim. If you have coverage and the damage is extensive it will most likely exceed your deductible then file a claim as soon as possible. 

Most insurance policies include vandalism and theft, but in order to get enough money to cover for the repairs and losses, you have to make sure you do not destroy the evidence of the crime trying to clean up and of the damages. Both the police and your insurance company must know exactly what has been destroyed or stolen.

Steps to Theft and Vandalism Recovery

Call the police – Immediately after discovering a burglary or home invasion it is crucial to call the police, who will investigate and compile a report listing all items stolen and property damage.
Take pictures – It is important to take as many pictures as you can, from the point of entry to any damaged or broken property.
Documentation – Insurance companies will demand proof of ownership. Supplying documentation, such as credit card statements and receipts will increase your chance for a full recovery.